September 17, 2018 Blog

BASIC DETAILS ABOUT CIGARS Cigars are commonly used for celebrations, special events or personal enjoyment, but many people do not understand the basics of the cigar. By learning about the basic facts and details, it is possible to find the best cigars for personal tastes, preferences and occasions. SHAPE BASICS The shape of a cigar has some common features that are well-known to people looking at the options in a store. A cigar is commonly a long and cylindrical shapeRead More


September 17, 2018 Blog

THE BEST CUBAN CIGARS Although many assume that the Cuban cigar is the best in the world because of past glory, the reality is that many cigar brands from other countries are starting to take the spotlight. Cigars produced in countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are showing that Cuba is not the only place that is creating legends among the cigar connoisseurs. CHANGES FOLLOWING COMMUNISM The rise of communism in Cuba played a key role inRead More


September 17, 2018 Blog

A LAYERED UNDERSTANDING OF THE MASTER BLENDER’S ROLE As with any fine food or spirit, the quality and proportion of a cigar’s ingredients is what creates its taste and consistency. Master blenders spend much of their lives learning how the tobaccos used in each component of a cigar interact to provide different tastes and aromas. The skill of rolling a cigar is certainly important to the overall cohesiveness, yet it is the blending of different tobaccos used in the filler,Read More


September 17, 2018 Blog

FLAVORED CIGARS Longtime cigar smokers frequently make fun of the idea of smoking flavored cigars. Some of these individuals regard flavored cigars in the same way that wine connoisseurs view wine coolers. These experienced smokers do not even take the time to look at flavored cigars when they visit their favorite cigar shops, and they most likely will not even read this article, yet flavored cigar manufacturers are aiming to produce cigars that boast higher levels of excellence, and thisRead More


September 17, 2018 Blog

HUMIDOR TIDBITS WHAT IS THE RIGHT HUMIDOR? When a customer walks in my shop and asks for a humidor, my reply is what for? (not trying to be a wiseguy)  I want to know, how many cigars  do you  plan on storing?  Do you want a portable or desktop?  How long do you plan on storing your fine cigars? Customers will look at a 100 count wood humidor.  When I ask how many cigars do you plan on storing, theyRead More


September 17, 2018 Blog

CIGARS ARE HUMAN Ok, I let me explain the title.  Premium Cigars from seed to smoke are created by humans.  From seedlings which are planted into the earth until the time you ignite a fine stogie about 300 sets of hands handle it.  From seed, to plant, to gathering the leaves off the plant, to the curing barn, rolled, aged, banded and boxed, 300 sets of hands. The phrase Premium Cigar has little to do with price.  Definition is aRead More


September 17, 2018 Blog

AN EXPLANATION OF THE STALE CIGAR MYTH Occasionally, a friend or relative mentions that a cigar does not meet high standards because it tastes stale. This reaction is the last thing that tobacconists want to hear from customers. Unlike most food and drinks, cigars do not get stale. On the contrary, cigars improve with age. Like wine, there is a proper method of storing cigars to keep them aging well in ideal conditions. The occurrence of dryness causing the cigarRead More

My Father Cigar Special April 26-29

April 17, 2018 Blog, Specials

Stop in next weekend and enjoy  box & stick specials on the My Father portfolio of fine cigars.  Flor de Antillas, Bijou, & more

Perdomo Special Easter Week

March 27, 2018 Blog, Specials

Specials this week on one of our biggest selling brands.  Deals on boxes and 20 cigar assortments.  Stop in and stock up for the holiday weekend  

Perdomo Special Easter Week

March 25, 2018 Blog, Specials

Perdomo specials all week long 3/26-3/31.  Stop in to take advantage of great deals on our portfolio of Perdomo Cigars.